Location: Aruba
N 12° 35′ 43.599” W 70° 2′ 16.23”

Danan Coleman

Self Proclaimed Adventurer


This trip was totally spontaneous and I was not prepared for it. I had no idea where to go, so I just explored. I rented a 200 cc Yamaha motorcycle and rode (almost) around the entire island of Aruba. I was surprised at the difference between the Northern and Southern points of the island.

West Punt (Boca)

12°37’22.1376″, -070°03’21.8232″

When the swells come in with a certain amount of force, the water pressurizes a cavity in the rock and it BLASTS back out for about 50-75 feet. It’s really awesome to watch.

Aruba is a pretty diverse island between its Northwest and Southeast points. The Northwest side is beaches and rock, the Southeast side looks like you’ve landed on Mars and there are goats EVERYWHERE! I didn’t see a single goat on the island except on the Southeast point of the island.

– Danan