My 8 month pregnant wife and I flew in to Belize City on a warm afternoon the 23rd of December for our vacation with our family (on her side). Overall things went quite well at the airport. We made it through customs without a hitch and were out to the breeze way in minutes. Well… about 45 minutes. It took us some time to get through. As we exited the airport, we informed an airport employee that we needed to get to the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi and he brought us to just the right guy. If I remember correctly, it was $20 (US) to get there, and we gave him a $5.00 tip because he was very conscientious of my pregnant wife.

After arriving at the port, we had about an hour and a half before the next boat and we go some food. Not very good food, but it filled our bellies and it didn’t┬ámake us sick (I have to admit I was mildly concerned). Having been fed and watered and after a 30 minute wait in line, It was nice to be on a boat and the breeze was very nice. After about an hour and half, we finally arrived to all of the siblings and their significant other picking us up in golf carts!

Belize City
Probably the roughest city I’ve seen, seconded only by a couple cities in Mexico. There was quite a bit of trash strewn about the city, and it was extremely dilapidated.

Ambergris Key
While it’s definitely in better shape than Belize City, it’s also a bit dilapidated. That being said, if you’re a diver, this is a beautiful and rich place to go We swam with sharks, sting rays, morrea eels.